5 tips for a sustainable wedding day


The dress may be white, but otherwise the wedding trend color is "green". With smart decisions, even a huge party has a small ecological footprint!

And the best thing is: An eco-friendly wedding gives you unusual, beautiful memories that you would not have with wedding classics.

Find a wedding planner who thinks like you

This means that a lot has already been achieved. Your environmentally conscious wedding planner pays attention to all the things we mention right away. And much more, of course! Feel him or her thoroughly during a meeting: Does the environmental aspect play a role in the first proposals and ideas? Or is it mainly about bigger, better and more expensive?

Eat fair and regional. And eat up, please!

The fewer ingredients from overseas or from abroad, the better. Look for farms in the area that sell their products. May it be vegetarian? And what about a vegan cake? (Pssst, grandma doesn't have to know or taste that.) Or hire the local bakery to make the wedding cake. Additional bonus: Small businesses are usually cheaper and more flexible to your preferences than large institutions.

Another important thing: Plan perishable ingredients as carefully as possible to reduce food waste. The less ready meals there are, the less plastic waste there is. Also, look for a charity in advance that will take care of the leftover festive food. Or get Doggie Bags and give each guest something of their favorite dish.

Choose dishes and decoration cleverly

It is clear anyway that plastic tableware is not exactly environmentally friendly. But what many people do not know: There is also compostable disposable tableware. Even better (and more stylish) are vintage plates and glasses. They can also be a charming mix of styles and designs ... Natural materials such as wood, straw or clay are also suitable for decoration. Use flowers in a pot instead of cut flowers. And the invitations (or at least the RSVP) can be digital. After all, we live in the 21st century, people!

Give green as a present (and get something green)

Sustainable gift ideas:

What you can wish for instead of the third toaster:

Dress & Rings

We say: Vintage or homemade! This saves resources for the world. And you can choose the style so that the clothes (with small changes) also fit to other occasions. Or you can rent suits and dresses if you don't need to own the good pieces.

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