6 extraordinary locations for your dream party


Because of Covid-19, your mega dream party may remain a dream for now. But that doesn't mean that your wedding (take a deep breath, please!) will be boring!

On the contrary: You suddenly have the possibility to choose exactly the exclusive location you have been looking for from the very beginning. But unfortunately it was too small. (After all, you couldn't uninvite neither the boyfriend of your second cousin nor the daughter of grandma's best friend...)

Voila! Here come 6 very special wedding locations, which are only possible in an intimate circle.

Microbrewery, favourite restaurant or your favourite climbing studio

It couldn't be more personal: Throw your wedding where you met. In your favourite romantic restaurant. Or in the boulder hall, where you hang together on the walls every weekend. The owners will be happy - and you will always return to the place where you had your big day.

Lighthouse Hotel

Especially small, especially fine: many lighthouses have been converted into tiny luxury hotels. Say yes and let the wind, sea and seagulls congratulate you.

Glamping trip

Take your dearest people with you into the wilderness. Beautiful glamping locations can be found all over Europe. Most of them are very sustainable, and actually always equipped with the right pinch of luxury. Freshly married and looking at the stars? Yes, please!

Fancy AirBnB

Mega house with whirlpool, large garden and balcony with a view - we are coming! So you can stay at your wedding location for a whole weekend. Attention: Ask the host beforehand if getting married here is ok. In the meantime, wedding ceremonies in especially beautiful AirBnbs are so trendy that many hosts are not surprised at all.

Beach or other nature hotspot

You are real outdoor people? Celebrate your wedding the way it suits you: with a little hike to a hidden natural jewel. A ceremony in front of a rushing waterfall or on a cliff. The wedding dinner follows in a rustic-romantic hut...

Private Yacht

Wedding on your own luxury yacht? Affordable, if you save on guests. Live your special day with glam and glitter. If that times no good omen for the coming years is!

Hot tip:

All loved ones and somewhat more distanced loved ones can join the party virutally. Share live photos of the big day (for example, by giving everyone who has been invited the access code to your SamSaidYes photo sharing app). And when the New Normal finally becomes the Old Normal again, throw a stress-free one-year anniversary party!

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