7 ways to have more fun at your wedding


Millennial weddings are all about fun! (Well, and about celebrating your love and your connection to each other). Here are the coolest entertainment ideas for your wedding reception.

Silent Disco

Everyone can choose the right tune to suit their taste. And whoever likes may still have a cosy chat. A Silent Disco is something for everyone. Only at the first dance everyone has to switch to the same song ... It is especially recommended at locations where you are only allowed to be loud to a limited extent!

Live photo-wall

Unfortunately, neither you nor your guests can be everywhere at once. That's exactly why we have photo walls that display current snapshots. Eyes on the wall, please!

How do you do it? Just get a beamer and a photo app (e.g. SamSaidYes)!

How-To dance videos

Many guests will thank you for that! Run simple explanatory videos in an endless loop. Afterwards, left-footed people will be fit for the dance floor.

Wii Station

Mario Kart race or virtual tennis tournament at the wedding? Sure thing! Let's just hope that we don't lose the groom and his best man completely to digital competition. Playstation and Singstar are also always a good choice.


Yes, we admit it: We from Gen Y are really fussy eaters. And that's why we always give Build-Your-Own-Eating stations priority over fancy table menus (once gluten-free, twice vegetarian, once normal without broccoli, please ...).

How about a burrito station, an Acai bowl center or a Mix-Your-Own-Margaritha-Bar? Oh, and of course the coffee self-service is also a must!

Digital guestbook

There are several practical apps for this purpose. Just place one or two (old!) tablets or laptops on a table and let the guests enter their kind words digitally. The tablet can also be used to take photos and small memory clips!

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