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The Most Important Precautionary Topics After Your Wedding


Wow! Now the whole whirlwind is over, and you've hopefully celebrated an unforgettable wedding day. After the euphoric celebration, your shared life is really beginning! Alongside all the exciting plans and adventures ahead of you, it's important to also consider securing your joint future. In this post, we'll introduce you to a few crucial precautionary topics that you, as a newlywed couple, can address to be well-prepared for any "what if?" scenarios.

Joint Budget:

After the wedding, you should review your financial situation together and potentially make adjustments. How about creating a budget plan to keep track of your monthly income and expenses? Consider shared accounts and determine how you'd like to manage your finances.

Emergency Preparedness:

Yes, it might sound intense, and no one likes to think about emergencies. But don't you agree it's important to be prepared? For instance, you could create a list of all your essential contacts, such as emergency numbers, doctors, and close confidants.

Retirement Planning:

Even though retirement might be far away, it's wise to start thinking about your retirement planning early. Consider how you want to save for your future together—whether through private retirement plans or, for example, periodic contributions to an investment fund.

Life Insurance

Are paperwork and administrative tasks not your thing? Understandable, but it still makes sense to review your insurances. Do they still reflect your current life circumstances? For instance, a life insurance policy can provide financial security in unexpected events, covering long-term disability, death, and retirement savings.

Do you know the benefits of a life insurance policy?

Private pension: With the pillar 3a, you can strategically build wealth, ensuring you won't have to compromise your standard of living later on.

Or how about saving thanks to tax advantages? With the tax-favored pillar 3a, you can not only provide for the future but also save on taxes simultaneously.

Furthermore, through various insurance products, you can find coverage that suits your life situation and needs.

... and one more thing; a life insurance offers more return potential than conservative investments with low interest rates, such as a savings account – preparing for the future is the new saving.

And last but not least; the defined timeframe and premium help you reach your set goal and secure your future with the accumulated capital.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Into the Future:

After the wedding, a new chapter in your life begins, one that you can shape together. By addressing a few important precautionary topics, you can prepare yourselves well for the future and support each other in every situation. This way, as a team, you can look confidently and optimistically toward your shared future, knowing you can rely on each other.

The love that led you to marriage should also accompany you through all the upcoming life situations! Now is the right time to review insurance and pensions, and to set the course for your joint future correctly.

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