This is how Gen Y gets married


(No) Surprise: Millennials dare to be different from their parents. The red thread that runs through most ceremonies today: individuality.

From the location to the wedding menu to the entertainment program, you can arrange your big day exactly to your taste - and be right on the edge of time. (Rumpled noses can only be found from the older generation. Everything was better in the past. Hmmm.)

One ceremony is not enough

Are you also one of those couples who love each other across different cultural and religious backgrounds? And what would you do if the bride's relatives lived in Berlin and the groom's relatives lived in Texas? Simply celebrate twice: That way no guest has to travel halfway around the world. That is sustainable. And you can also integrate the respective traditions much better. So the whole family is happy! And if the guests from abroad are not on site - share the SamSaidYes App with them and then they are there – life and virtually!

It can be unconventional

The Gen Y likes motto weddings and fancy wedding locations (the most unusual ones for a mini ceremony we looked at here). For example, you can celebrate on the farm instead of in the ballroom. The only important thing is that you have a personal connection to the chosen location. Even the wedding ceremony itself may bear your stamp: Perhaps with elements of your favorite music or very personal speeches?

Wedding gifts - no coffee machine please

Married is usually only married after the living together has already been thoroughly tested. The common household is therefore already there. What Millennials want instead of cooking pots and fine porcelain: Money for the honeymoon fund or adventure gifts.

Planning takes place online

Pinterest vision board, Google search for the perfect location or wedding planning app: up to 80% of wedding preparations are now digital. The own wedding website and a Wedding-Hashtag belong likewise to the dream wedding. And even the big day is half-digital. For example with smart photo sharing apps. We have collected more cool digital entertainment options here.

Getting married full-time

The ceremony and a meal are not enough: Millennium wedding celebrations always take longer. How about pre-wedding yoga, an afterparty or a morning after brunch?

Male bridesmaid or Best Women instead of Best Men

Traditional gender roles are also becoming less and less important in Gen-Y weddings. Just surround yourself with the people who are really close to you. (And who will always „stay cool“ even in the case of small disasters)! Have fun!

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