Wedding insurance: So that you can enjoy the preparation carefree


Finally getting married! Now there are still a thousand things to plan. Your excitement is enormous - but there is also the worry that something could go wrong. After all, you are investing a lot of money in this special day, in addition to love and heart and soul. So it would be very annoying if the party had to be cancelled or postponed.

How can I protect myself?

Our partner, Zurich Insurance Company, therefore offers wedding insurance: It protects against the financial consequences of a cancelled or postponed wedding for 135 Swiss francs - so that at least it doesn't hurt your wallet, too.

What benefits does the wedding insurance offer?

If your wedding has to be postponed, interrupted or even completely canceled, the wedding insurance will reimburse the costs incurred: for example, if one of the wedding partners, a best man or a close relative cannot travel due to a breakdown or accident.

The insurance also pays if the wedding location is unusable, for example because the dining room burns down or the rented castle is flooded. Even if there was a double booking by mistake or the organizer becomes insolvent, you are covered. The wedding insurance also comes into play if one of the main persons cannot attend the wedding due to illness, accident or death. This would be the case, for example, if the mother of the groom ends up in hospital shortly before the wedding with acute appendicitis or the best man breaks his leg in a car accident and has to be operated directly on the day of the wedding.

Does the insurance only apply to traditional wedding ceremonies?

No, you can insure any type of marriage: In addition to the classic church or civil wedding, you can also insure free weddings or your registered partnership.

What costs does the insurance pay?

The wedding insurance covers, among other things, the costs of reservation fees, deposits or a contractually agreed minimum consumption in the restaurant. The wedding insurance also covers the agreed fee of the photographer or down payments for decorations, flowers or for the wedding cake. In total, costs of up to CHF 20,000 are covered.

I want to get married abroad - is that also insured?

No matter if you celebrate on the beach or in the mountains, at a castle, in a star restaurant or on a forest meadow: As long as your wedding takes place in Europe, the wedding insurance covers financial damages of a cancellation or postponement - up to 20,000 Swiss francs.

What situations are not insured?

There are certain exceptions that are not covered by wedding insurance. These include, among others, damage in connection with epidemics and pandemics. Events that have already occurred or whose occurrence is foreseeable when the insurance is taken out are also not covered. This would be, for example, the long-planned operation of the bride's father. Likewise, the protection refers exclusively to the wedding party, but not to the wedding reception. If this has to be cancelled, the costs are not covered.

Simple and fast insurance

Are you curious? You can easily take out wedding insurance online - with just a few clicks. After a waiting period of 30 days, you are fully protected for one year.

You can get more information at or by phone: 0800 80 80 80.

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